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Why develop branches?

For VC's

Support your portfolio with hiring and brand building
Centralise your network and access TechTree's network to help your companies hire and build brand.

For Individuals

Unlock the value of your personal network
Build your rep by helping your network (people & companies) get connected.

For Communities & Creators

Support your community and start earning
Help your community find their next adventure at top VC backed companies.

It's as simple as...


Create your Branch


Promote in your network


Build value in your community

Our Vision

We believe that everyone harnesses incredibly valuable personal assets of network, reputation & knowledge - yet there is no easy, open way to monetise them!

That's why we're building TechTree, a new type of social professional network, where our community can simply create income through these already existing value assets.

We've started our journey focussed on utilising personal networks and through TechTree you can connect your network with opportunities at top VC-backed companies and get rewarded when they'e hired!

So far we've paid out over $500k to users. Our mission is pay over $1m to our community in 2023.