Inflection is a first check venture firm. They explore new frontiers where the collective benefits from open access to markets, data and knowledge while the sovereign individual is empowered through privacy and ownership. Inflection runs nodes, governs DAOs and writes code. The portfolio includes Ultimate, Violet, Molecule and Balancer Labs.

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How to connect with our companies

  • Refer your friends to give them access to this exclusive Talent Branch only for Inflection portfolio companies or apply yourself.
  • Your friend accepts the referral and becomes visible for the portfolio companies of Inflection.
  • The portfolio companies reach out to your friend or you (depending on whether you referred or applied) and pitch their roles with job descriptions, remuneration, process details, etc.
  • Your friend or you can express interest in the role and share the contact details to go into a hiring process.
  • If you referred your friend and he/she/they got hired, you get a bounty :)
  • Apply or refer a friend to specific open positions for our entire portfolio of companies.
  • You or your friend's profile becomes visible for hiring companies.
  • The founders of our portfolio companies are changing the world, empowering change, unleashing creativity and are looking for help.
  • If you have the same passion apply, Inflection portfolio companies will reach out to you or your friend and share their roles, compensation, process details, etc.
  • We help our portfolio companies find talent, build and change the world - please help us!

Unique opportunities

Unique opportunities

Refer you friends or show interest in particular types of roles.

Portfolio companies who want to hire you will reach out to you directly with a job spec, the package details and more.

Get access to special events with portfolio companies, founders & mentors available only for the VC Talent Branch members.

Get access to special events with portfolio companies, founders & mentors available only for the Inflection Talent Branch members.

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TechTree is a socio-economic network that enables tech people to unlock the value of their personal assets (network & knowledge) via “bounties” - payment for impact.

We are partnering with 100s of communities, creators and connectors who help us to get amazingly diverse talent. We've paid out over 400k USD in bounties and help companies from portfolios of Index, Sequoia, Lightspeed, Northzone and many more to hire amazing talent.

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